What we will do

  • Check your social media accounts for content each week and look for opportunities throughout the network to give greater visibility to your brand. A membership affords us approximately 15 minutes a week per member to look for opportunities for social content placement within the network.
  • Search for user generated content associated to your brand for peer recommendation opportunities and post within the network.
  • Actively engage with your content by sharing, liking and commenting.

  • Socially recommend your businesses services when the opportunities present themselves. If we see content that would suit your business that is gaining interest we alert you to that content.

  • We assist in collaborative social content with other members of the network.

  • Create content on our pages that you may like to share to your page (ie. local content)

  • Watch out for other media sources who may mention your brand and share this content across our network (eg. blog posts, media articles, awards you may have won or been nominated for)

What we won’t do

  • We do not share EVERY post your page publishes to the network.

  • We do not post a specific amount of posts each week. The more relevant and interesting your content, the more opportunities your business will have within the network.

  • We do not post ‘sales’ posts to the network unless the post is relevant to an audience.

  • We do not post content on your Facebook page or Instagram accounts on your behalf.

  • We do not give you updates or stats on every post – the resources to do this would make a membership unaffordable.

Want to know more?

If you have any other questions or would like to learn more about how your business, brand or event can benefit by joining the Destination Network send us a message, we’d love to chat.