We are Australia’s leading social destination platform for driving engagement to local businesses & brands.

The Destination Network consists of over 150 local social media pages & accounts, throughout Facebook and Instagram, with highly engaged
audiences for the express purpose of promoting services, events & businesses to locals and tourists throughout Australia.

What we do

We ensure brands, businesses and events show up everywhere through our highly engaged audiences on social media

Our Audience

Our combined audience of over 175,000 people provides us with a social reach in excess of 2.5 million people across the network

Where we are

We have full network coverage throughout Victoria and locations throughout Australia covering a variety of targeted demographics

Say it with social

If your brand, business or event needs to be shared through social media contact us for a consultation on what we can do for you

What we've been saying

The Destination Network increases it's reach with the integration of other digital platforms and offline marketing strategies

What else do we do?

We’re a team of people that just ‘get’ social and digital media. We live and breathe it. So it’s no surprise that we offer other services to businesses within our network. 

Social media has become the catch cry for many. There’s a common misconception that social media is quick and easy. Believe us, it is not. We provide complete packages for strategy & content creation, to engage with your customers. We can step you through how to best achieve the results for yourself, or provide a complete hands-free option so you can go about your normal business.
We help you to understand that your marketing strategy is more important than any decision about the colour of your logo or font size. Once there is a clear understanding of your strategy and media requirements, only then can we set out goals to work towards. We can create targeted ad campaigns, social media competitions, lead capturing landing pages – all to empower your business to drive more customers.
Our knowledge of social media allows us to create the perfect social media advertising campaign for your business. Empowered by the reach of our network we can drive your reach and engagement to new levels.
Video is KING! We’re connected with some of Victoria’s leading videographers. Our digital strategies will always recommend the use of video. Not all businesses think they can afford it… but simply, you can’t afford not to!
Sometimes it’s not about what we can do for you, but more about what we can teach you to do for yourself. We offer social media education for complete beginners that need to learn the basics through to the more experienced user looking to gain extra knowledge on specific issues.
Part of being in a ‘content’ focussed world is making sure you have the visual assets that back up your message. Our designers can help you take your brand to another level across all mediums; digital, social and print media.

What our customers say

“We love the destination network. We list all of our events on social media, which our followers love – but then the Destination Network amplifies that by picking up our content and sharing it into other relevant pages.. we are now reaching hundreds, sometimes thousands more than we normally do, and we can see a growth in our community and patronage from this! We recommend any business to get involved.”
Joshua William 'O Dowd, Seanchai Irish Bar

Some of our members

If you think your brand, business or event would benefit from reaching MORE highly enagaged people on social media then contact us now


Andrew Ferrie – GRUFF DESIGN
10b Sawmills Way, TORQUAY, VIC, 3228

PH: 0411 953 995

Catherine Kelson – SOCIAL CAT MEDIA
64 Liebig St, WARRNAMBOOL, VIC, 3280

PH: 0421 393 490

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